How to Pinky Promise in the Corporate World

How to Pinky Promise in the Corporate World

Did you ever have an experience as a kid when you’d lock pinky fingers with another kid and that would be a symbolic gesture of a promise? If that promise was ever broken, it was like your whole world shattered! When you place a promise in the context of the corporate world, it becomes a whole different story. There are layers of legal agreements and contracts; essentially, you’re made more accountable.

As a brand, Kuvio Creative is something different. We want to be able to share our passion for creativity, but at the same time encompass creativity. We strive to be the little guys doing big things. Recently, we all brainstormed what our values were and what we could realistically change in the world. We saw a need for more representation of women, the LGBT community and different cultures in the workspace. After seeing this need, we decided to create a contest that would target the entrepreneur who normally wouldn’t get a chance, by giving them the ability to win a free website redesign. By doing something for the little guys, we reinforced our promise of always striving to help others achieve, no matter how different or underrepresented they are. Everyone deserves a chance.

Another promise we uphold to the people we serve, is to be transparent in everything we do. We want our clients involved on the journey of creating, we want our clients to see the different processes and feel like they’re part of our team. When you talk to us, we want to be authentic and make you feel like you’re talking to a real person who understands your goals. Since we are a small, tight-knit company, communication is even easier. You don’t have to go through layers of people to get an answer to a question, our whole team knows each project inside and out.

When running a successful small business, it is very important to keep your promises. Reputation is everything in the corporate world because everyone that Googles you and is interested in what you do as a company, is watching your every move. It’s almost like people expect the little guys to fail, so ultimately, you have to prove them wrong.

At Kuvio Creative, when we take on a client, we’re always looking for feedback in ways that we can improve and if we’re meeting their requirements. In a way, this keeps us accountable to our clients and helps build trust. Being a small company gives our clients an advantage, as they have the opportunity to interact with a team of passionate creatives. Check out our website for what we’ve worked on and our other helpful blog posts. Stay tuned for the last in our blog series on who we are and what we do.