The First Date - How We Connect With Clients

The First Date - How We Connect With Clients

First dates are either awkward, romantic, fun or just plain boring. You go into a date not knowing if the person on the other side of you has the same likes and dislikes, is an interesting person, likes pineapple on pizza, or loves the same TV shows as you. From the first date, building a relationship is even harder. You have to not only remain committed to get over the little disagreements, but also continually try to be there for that person.

At Kuvio, we’re not looking for a date or a dinner at fancy restaurant, we’re looking to connect with people who are as passionate about creating as we are. We love working with clients that are ready to experiment with us and take risks. We appreciate when clients are open to different perspectives and are dedicated to building the best brand image that they can. Once you’re on board with us, we’re ready to go where you want to go and we want to help you achieve your goals. All of our clients come to us with something different, but they all want the same thing; they want their brand to be something that people will use and love.

Working remotely opens up more possibilities with our clients. With our diverse team, living in all parts of the world, we have people working right around the clock. You’ll always have someone to contact, even if it’s with a burning question at 2am. This also allows us to problem solve with diverse perspectives due to our different backgrounds. All our unique cultures weave together to be able to create ideas you wouldn’t have dreamed of.

Our current clients mostly came to us with a problem, hoping that we would have a solution. In the initial stages, we would either have face-to-face meetings (depending on their location) or talk to them online to try brainstorm the next step. These stages are the most important as we try gain the trust of the client to take their idea to places beyond their comfort zone.

Our client Magnolia is one of our long-standing clients who, before we worked together, were constantly sifting through spreadsheets, manual operations and different online platforms. It was complex and we were ready to assist them in simplifying their processes. We built them a system that was all in one place so that they could focus on their clients rather than laborious, back-end work. What makes Magnolia interesting to work with, is that they’re constantly ready to take risks and try something new. This allows us to let our ideas go crazy as we develop new solutions for them.

We want to be a creative resource for companies that are struggling with building their brand. In addition, we work alongside our clients, instead of making creative decisions for them. If you’re interested in our work, check out our new and update Case Studies page on our website here. Stay tuned for our three-part series on the important things we want to achieve at Kuvio Creative and how we’re going to get there.