Benefits of a Professionally Designed Website

Kayla DiPilato

Your website is your online first impression to your customers. How you present yourself online can have lasting impacts for your company.  Here are just a few of the ways a professionally designed website can help your business.

1. Appear more trustworthy

Your customers are bombarded with so many offers each day, some of which are legitimate and some of which are scams. Internet users are constantly working to discern which sites are safe and a major driving factor behind this is how professional a website appears. Elements that play into this decision making include:  design elements, functionality, and copy. You want to use these to prove to your customers that they can trust you.

2. Gain better SEO results

An experienced web designer will help you create unique content that can be indexed and ranked by Google. When this occurs, your website will move higher up in the search results for relevant terms, giving your brand more visibility in search results and in turn, more customers.

3. Reinforce your branding

In today’s digital world, how your brand is shown online dictates its identity. You may have a beautiful logo and catchy slogan, but if your website design does not follow through with the same theme, your customers may be left feeling confused and are more likely to forget your brand.

4. Optimize for mobile

More and more people search for and purchase products and services while on the go, so having a website that functions well on mobile devices will ensure that you can capitalize on this market. A web designer can help design custom screens that will give users the easiest possible experience on mobile because nobody likes to try to zoom in on miniature text when trying to browse the web on their phone.

5. Save time

We know that there is never a dull moment when running a small business, and often you may feel like you have too much on your plate. This is one task that you can easily leave in the hands of a professional, and if you hire the right designer, feel completely confident in the results. This leaves you more time to tend to the day to day tasks at your company. (For more on finding the right designer click here.)

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a professionally designed website, you may be wondering, “How can I get started?” Luckily, the team at Kuvio Creative is here to help! Drop us a line about your company and goals for your website and we can begin working together to build the website of your dreams. We can’t wait to help!

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