Our Story

The Kuvio Creative team is driven by change and innovation. Our team collaborates from all corners of the globe to create websites and apps that "wow" our clients. We tackle every problem with an open mind and push the boundaries to produce a final product that will surely impress.

Got a problem? We can solve it. Creative solutions are our specialty; that’s why the word is in our name.

Our team is united by one goal: Consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Sick of the status quo? So are we. We have recruited the best team from across the globe and can deliver innovative and quality work with unparalleled customer service. We have slashed out inefficiencies and pass these savings on to you (not to our wallets). We tackle projects big and small and specialize in a variety of digital services including web & app design, web & app development, branding, marketing, and UI & UX. Let's create something great together.

We are 100% remote

Remote work means our talent pool is not limited to one geographic area, we seek out the best creators and innovators from across the globe. In addition, the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of our team bring a unique perspective that allows us to stretch the limits of creativity.

Kuvio Creative: A new type of agency


We get most excited when we do what “can’t be done.” We don’t do things the easy way, we do them the best way. Often that way is brand new.


There is no “us” and “you.” There is no strong hierarchy within our teams. We create relationships that allow us to provide the solutions that are best for you.


We believe everything we produce should be novel and made to impress. Our branding and design work is customized to fit the values and ideas behind your brand so that nobody will ever mistake your company for “those other guys.”

Meet Our Team

Lia Fialho

Marketing Associate

Kris-Anne Viray

Creative Designer

Fernando Rodrigues

Solutions Developer

Rhonda Edwards

Director of Operations

Joshua Parker

Solutions Developer Apprentice

Kayla DiPilato

Director of Marketing

Dante Galindo Cruz

Solutions Developer Apprentice

Layla Hedges

Solutions Developer

Bartho Bernsmann

Solutions Developer

Antonio Correia

Solutions Developer

Emily Charette

Sales Associate

Katherin Gaudet 

Operations Associate

Joseph Young

Founder, Director of Architecture

Margaret Landefeld

Solutions Developer

Kieran Parker

Director of Design

Kaina Lisibach

Marketing Associate