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Small Business Marketing During COVID-19

Team Kuvio

The idea of marketing your small business right now can feel overwhelming. Our world changed overnight and what consumers are interested in changed with it. At Kuvio, we have been working on rebuilding our own marketing road map. Through this we have learned some lessons which we have compiled here. Hopefully, if you are looking for guidance this can serve as a starting place.

Keep customers updated on your response

A lot of consumers are currently looking to see how companies are responding to this crisis when making purchasing decisions. Some of your marketing efforts should not be dedicated to your product, but should give the spotlight to your actions. For example, highlight how you are keeping your employees and customers safe and what you are doing to give back.

Make sure your customers can find you

Now more than ever people are using web search to find what they need. Search traffic has grown significantly since people began staying home. This is a great time to ensure that your company appears in relevant search results. Improving your SEO is one way to start doing this. Additionally, now may be a good time to invest in paid advertising on search engines if you have the budget.

Consider how you can add value

During this time, shamelessly plugging your products can come off as a bit insensitive. Instead, focus on how you can add value for your clients. Acknowledge that things are difficult but that you offer something that may make things a bit easier.

Do not exploit customers’ fear

You want to exude a sense of calm during this tumultuous time. You may be able to make quick sales by playing into fear, but customers will remember how that made them feel for the long-term. 

Dive into your social media data

As things change you may find yourself changing up your content and approach. Track the results of these changes using tools such as Google Analytics to make further improvements where you can. Recently published data also shows that remarketing campaigns have had a recent uptick in success so you may want to leverage your customer data for a campaign.  

Be prepared for a comeback

While it may not seem possible right now, when things do get settled into a new normal, there is expected to be a surge in sales across industries. You can prepare your marketing strategy now to launch when this occurs. Consider if there is a special offer or campaign you want to run and work on getting the collateral together. 

Stay consistent

Even if your operations are drastically altered right now, try to keep up with your social media presence. This may mean pivoting the kind of posts you make to fit the current climate, but try not to let your accounts go dark. You want your followers to know that you are still out there and don’t want to lose all of the momentum you have created on your accounts. 

Use your downtime for long-term digital improvements

If you are a small business that has had to limit your operations due to the pandemic, use this time to improve your online presence for long after things have returned to normal. For example, assess the success of your landing page and walk through a typical customer’s journey on the site to see what improvements can be made. If you would like further input on this, contact us for a free website review here:

We hope these ideas will help you to implement a successful small business marketing strategy even during these uncertain times. Have other tips or questions? Reach out to us on Twitter, @KuvioCreative.

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