The Kuvio Coworking Budget

Kayla DiPilato

Kuvio Creative is a 100% remote company and we have discussed the many benefits and challenges of remote work in the past (for example, in this article). However, working remotely does not mean we stay at home in our pajamas all day (ok maybe sometimes it does), but we know that many employees still like to go somewhere else to work. This is why we recently decided to introduce a coworking budget for our employees. Now, all full-time employees have $200 per month which they can use to join a coworking space, buy coffee at cafes, pay admission to museums, buy a cute plant for their home office, or do anything else that helps them to create a comfortable workspace. Full disclosure, we weren’t the first ones to come up with this idea. We were actually inspired by a similar policy that is in place at Buffer. You can read more about their policies and procedures here

There are proven benefits to working in a space that makes you feel happy and comfortable. For example, when employees have the option to move around while working and can source healthy snacks, their physical wellness will be improved. In addition, employees can pick a workspace with noise levels that work for them. For example, some like to work in complete silence, like at a library, and others like a bit of background noise, like the buzz of a cafe. In an office, it can be difficult to cater to all employees’ preferences, so giving them the chance to find a space that works for them is our solution. Overall, studies have found that employees who feel happy while working are 12% more productive and we want to encourage this by having our employees work from a location that they enjoy. 

The coworking budget is just one of the ways we are hoping to reinvent corporate culture to make it better for workers. To read more about our company culture, check out past posts on our blog here. Do you have a suggestion for a corporate policy we haven’t considered? Let us know on Twitter, @KuvioCreative!

Kuvio Creative is a full-service web design and development company looking to reinvent how work happens. We do this through people-first company policies and by taking an approach to client work that seeks to solve problems and build long-term relationships. Learn more about us at

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