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Employees Are People... Let's Remember to Treat Them That Way

Team Kuvio

Profits, the bottom line, staying in the black. As a start-up, these are all things we think and speak about often because, of course, they are essential. But, often in pursuit of profit, it can be easy to forget the talented people who make our work possible. At Kuvio, we have put several policies in place that help us to keep the humanity of our employees at the forefront, and we encourage other companies to do the same.

Unlimited time off

This practice is one part policy and one part culture; both have to come together for it to be successful. Our written policy allows our employees unlimited paid time off for vacations, personal time, and sick days. However, other companies who have tried a similar policy have found that employees take less time off because they feel pressure to keep working. As a result, we have put in a lot of effort to create an environment where people feel comfortable taking leave. Our leaders set an example by making sure they take time off throughout the year. We also remind people of the unlimited policy and close for the week between Christmas and New Year to ensure everyone gets a break and avoids burnout. 

Parental leave

We recently updated our parental leave policy to match a new initiative adopted in Finland that expanded their parental leave practices. Our employees can now take 164 days of paid parental leave regardless of gender. Additionally, single parents can take the leave quotas for both parents. We want employees to be able to enjoy this exciting time in their lives and feel confident that their jobs are secure. 

30-hour workweek

Implementing a shorter workweek gives our employees more time to dedicate to their families, friends, and hobbies. It also allows them to work efficiently without feeling like they need to hang around and waste time when they are not at their most productive. Let’s face it, in a traditional office, Friday afternoons are usually filled with cat memes and water cooler conversation. We want to give that time back to our employees to use as they please without feeling guilt. 

Flexible hours

Our team works remotely, and we have tried to create as much flexibility as possible within that model. As a result, we let each employee determine their working hours rather than creating a schedule when everyone has to be online. This allows each person to adapt their work to their ideal schedule. It also encourages our employees to work better together because they have to collaborate to find meeting times that work for everyone involved. 

Wellness budget 

We want our employees to care for their physical and mental health. When they feel well, they will be more fulfilled both at and outside of work. As a result, we give our employees a budget of $200 per month to buy whatever makes them feel healthy. We give them full spending discretion, which also creates a feeling of trust between the company and our employees that has strengthened our relationships with them. 

Education spending 

Our full-time employees are allocated $1,000 each year to spend on anything that helps them to expand their skills. This could include conferences, courses, educational resources, and even sabbaticals that give them time to work on passion projects. We never want our employees to feel like they are stagnant in their role, and this provides a constant opportunity for growth. 

We have created policies that allow our employees to live to work, rather than to work to live. This is all part of our effort to infuse humanity back into the workplace so that everyone feels happy and fulfilled both at work and in their lives. 

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