Kuvio Contest: Letting People's Voices Be Heard

Kuvio Contest: Letting People's Voices Be Heard

How do we define a successful person? By their wealth? The colour of their skin? How fancy their car is?

There is a certain mould in society that everyone is trying to squeeze into, but success can’t be measured by our image. The great ideas we envision can’t all fit into this narrow box of what “success” is meant to be.

We’re forgetting the core reason of humanity and how we’re all supposed to be unique individuals. We’re forgetting that everyone should have a chance at success, no matter their background, the colour of their skin or their sexuality.

When an individual has a dream, but their place in a minority group stamps the magic of that dream out - we’re killing people’s chance at success to be somebody, and their chance to create something spectacular.

We need to look after entrepreneurs, for they are shaping the future of society. Their minds are brimming with ideas and dreams to do something. The sad fact is that not every entrepreneur gets to see their idea supported. The sadder fact is that the colour of their skin, their gender or their sexuality can put up a giant wall that says “your idea is not worthy because of who you are as a person” and therefore they’re losing out on much needed support.

The statistics show that in 2015, $60 billion in venture capital funding was allocated, but only 7% of that amount went to female founders and only 2% was allocated to black, male founders. These statistics are why we at Kuvio Creative are taking a stand.

From Wednesday 21st February, Kuvio Creative is launching a contest to give away a free website redesign to celebrate diversity in the entrepreneur community. We want to tear down the walls minority groups face and give an opportunity to a deserving company that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford a new website redesign.

To enter, visit www.kuv.io/contest. On this page, enter by telling us about your business, showing us what you already have and explaining to us what isn’t working. Our staff will then pick finalists and from there the public will vote for their favourite company that they think deserves the free website redesign. The winner of this vote will receive the prize.

While completing your application, tell us your story and about any  injustices you have experienced as a result of inequalities. Together, we can make a stand and help all entrepreneur’s voices be heard.

Watch our short video on how the contest will work