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Pay As You Go Pricing

Team Kuvio

Let’s talk about pricing and payment. Some see it as a touchy topic. Many agencies won’t even provide their rates until you already have a consultation booked with them. However, we try to be as transparent and fair in our pricing as possible. We are so grateful for the partnerships we have with our clients and this is another way we can build trust and respect. 

Here at Kuvio, we use a retainer payment model that allows our clients to set the number of hours of work they would like to purchase per week. This can be decided on and paid for in two-week iteration increments. This means that you do not need to sign a contract or provide a large sum of money upfront. You are never tied to a specific payment plan or amount. 

There are several reasons we decided to adopt a pay as you go model. One reason is that this gives us a chance to prove ourselves to our clients. We offer a one month trial of our services. We will put the payment into an escrow account and at the end of the month if you are not satisfied you will be refunded. As we work together, you can also experiment and adjust to the project pace that feels right for you. 

Additionally, as a small business ourselves we know that funding can be tight and that even with the best forecasting, unexpected expenses can come up. This model allows you to pause work and payment without penalty and pick right up when you need to.

Creative projects like websites or apps are dynamic in nature. This means that the scope, direction, or features could change during our collaboration. Our payment model helps us to remain flexible and allows you to avoid the sunk costs fallacy. Since there is no features list or set contract, together, we have the freedom to change course if we need to without being tied to a binding contract of payments. 

We have designed our payment model in a way that provides extreme flexibility to give our clients the freedom to complete the project on their timeline and budget. During these particularly uncertain times, this is one way we can help our clients feel confident and make sure we provide the best possible product.

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