We're the Small Guys Taking on Big Things

We're the Small Guys Taking on Big Things

They say that an average person will have ten to fifteen careers in their lifetime. Ten to fifteen jobs where you will be the new person, the person that nervously speaks up at their first meeting, the person that begins to love the work they’re doing again. It’s no easy feat trying to find yourself in a world filled with that ever growing ladder. What rung of the ladder is supposed to satisfy you? Can you be happy at the bottom or will your ambition always be standing at the top?

At Kuvio Creative, we’re the small guys taking on big things. We cover anything and everything in app development, web development, branding and graphic design - but we’re more than just a repertoire of skill sets. We want to make a difference in whatever way we can; to create a little bit of good in the world.

We all got here from different places. Some of us are still studying, some have been working for years. But, we all come together to bring an amalgamation of ideas and skills to assemble people’s ideas into something tangible. We have no office, and with no office means we have no boundaries.

Our journeys to joining the Kuvio Creative team were different for everybody. We all were drawn in through different scenarios; something sparked our interest to want to join the crazy, talented family that is Kuvio Creative.

Meet Rhonda, the mastermind behind organising everything so that it falls into place.

Rhonda’s journey of arriving at Kuvio was not the usual “apply and get the interview”. She came searching for someone to help her build her project called Citeblue - a project she developed after a year of law school. After many great conversations, Rhonda was invited to join the team, pursuing a range of opportunities to find where she best fit in.

One of the great things about Kuvio Creative is our ability to let their people grow and shape themselves to a role that is out of the ordinary. In Rhonda’s case, she could freely dip in and out of roles, moulding her strengths, until she found the role that best suited her. Her official title is Director of Operations, yet she still gets to combine her love of learning, numbers and organising, while also being able to talk to the diverse, global Kuvio Creative team on a regular basis. Rhonda feels that she has found a “sweet spot where work never feels like work” because she is doing the things that interest her most.

Kuvio Creative’s belief is that when hiring someone, they don’t need a specific job title. We let them find their “sweet spot” by trying different things out through trial and error. It’s a holistic approach and it’s definitely something that is working. It’s something that Rhonda loves about working at Kuvio Creative because “its a space where anyone with the drive to learn can thrive.”

At Kuvio Creative, we’re small, but all our jobs are important. Our passion for the work we do will always leave an impact on who ever we work with.