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Inspiring Potential Clients To Take Action

Team Kuvio

Depending on your product or service you may have a relatively long or short sales process. Either way, there will be a point when you need to make a hesitant potential client decide to take action. Today we are sharing nine tips to help move forward and close the deal. 

Focus on the problem

Make sure while explaining the benefits of your product or service you also tie it back to the problem the user is likely experiencing and how your solution is going to fix this problem. Present the situation from their perspective and show how taking action is the solution. 

Create scarcity 

People like things that are in demand and feel exclusive. Use a countdown on a special offer or emphasize that your availability is filling up and you don’t want the prospect to miss out. This could be the extra nudge they need to move forward. 

Provide rewards

If a customer moves to the next step in the buying journey, find a way to reward them. This could be a discount or something as simple as a handwritten thank-you note. 

Share social proof

Testimonials and case studies can be hugely helpful in showing potential clients the direct benefits of your product. If they need an extra nudge, it can be helpful to send one over that describes you solving the same problem your client is facing. 

Simplify decision making

Too many options can lead to analysis paralysis. If you have different pricing levels or options make sure they are simple and easy to understand. Make an effort to clearly highlight the differences between options. 

Provide clear instructions

When interacting with a potential customer make it clear what the next steps are and make sure it is easy for them to move ahead. Remove all possible barriers.

Give a value comparison

Don’t just tell potential customers what to do, make it clear why they should do it. You can draw comparisons to the outcome if they take no action or if they choose a competitor. Show how your product or service will pay for itself in added value. 


Delighting clients and exceeding their expectations during the buying process can lead to a long, healthy relationship. Adding something extra or providing some personal touches in the decision stage can go a long way. 

Use a great call-to-action

If potential clients are visiting your website or opening your email, when they reach the call to action button it is the pivotal moment that will bring them to the next step. Consider using an in-joke, something clever, or funny to catch their eye. 

We hope these tips are helpful in your sales process. Do you have a sure-fire way to help potential clients take action? Let us know on Twitter, @KuvioCreative.

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