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Mineral Rights Offer Management


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  • - Web Application

The Challenge

Magnolia was using a complex system of spreadsheets of data, different online platforms, and manual notifications in order to manage property sales. We set out to create one system that could manage all stages of the sale while integrating automation and a streamlined customer experience.



Before we worked on this project, everything at Magnolia was manual and we wanted to change this. To start, we created a set of tools to assign new clients to specific people within the company. We did this by adding a tool called “assign” which allows, whoever is in charge of assigning roles, to open a side panel and bulk target clients based on whatever parameters they have set. For example, the user can input: “Assign the first 400 clients under $500,000 in Texas to John and Billy at a split of 75/25”. Before, this would have to be done manually with Magnolia handling thousands of clients per week.

There is also a lot of backend automation involved. When a required file has uploaded, that step in the process will automatically be marked as complete and the person assigned to step 4 will be notified that action is required. This was previously handled by a series of emails and phone calls.

Management Features

There are two tiers of management tools within Magnolia. The highest level is for admins, who are able to manage all of the employees working on their individual assignments. The admins are able to assign, edit, update and tasks while also reviewing reports on how tasks are being completed. A set of to-do lists, grouped by role and ordered by urgency, are automatically generated.

The Results

By adding automations, we created a comprehensive system that allows Magnolia to keep their focus on their clients, not on laborious back-end work. We also created a platform that makes it easy for clients to find properties of interest, through the use of logical organization and data visualization, which can ultimately increase sales.


Offers Managed


Uptime over 2 Years


Decrease in Runsheet Generation Time


Third Party Data Integrations

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