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Giving Science Dimension

New branding and web design for a women-owned research firm


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The Challenge

Giving Science Dimension, LLC is a woman-owned research and consulting firm specializing in public policy, criminal justice, victimization, law enforcement, civic engagement, and community policing research. The organization’s website needs to provide both details about their consulting services as well as present the research projects and information they have produced. We wanted the website to appear both professional and approachable to appeal to their diverse client base.

Giving Science Dimension


Since their objective is to provide valid and reliable research insights that can be translated for actionable use by practitioners, we wanted to visualize ‘data’ in a way that also highlights their clients in order to humanize the brand and make it more relatable and attractive. 

The human element of the logo doesn’t just represent their clients but it also highlights the communities of underrepresented people who benefit from their work. With that said, the diamond shaped logo mark is a physical appearance that is associated with valuable attributes that are relevant to living a meaningful life such as purity, clarity, wisdom and seeing purpose in a different light. Lastly, the added gradient adds depth and dimension to the logomark.

With the goal of expanding their brand to multiple sub brands in the future, we've assigned GSD as the master brand. This means some aspects are changed per sub brand such as color, but essentially the master brand’s logo will always be there as the main visual. This is so that GSD still has the spotlight and the sub brands can be easily associated with the master brand, resulting in familiarization.


The colors create a simple, but dynamic multicolor system that reflects GSD’s devotion, advocacy, and reliability. The bright and bold color scheme also helps them stand out from existing corporate firms.

Blue: Professionalism, communication, trust, security

Yellow: Stimulates attention, organization, clarity, support 

Nude: Connection, strong foundation, education, advocacy

Orange: Determination, success, enthusiasm

Pink: Purity, playfulness, highlights the non-profit being owned by women


Giving Science Dimension's branding relies on typography to create a statement, so we’ve made sure that the font used is timeless, purposeful, and  plain yet elegant which allows it to move effortlessly between being a central design element and playing a supporting role in a wide range of mediums and applications.


The goal of the website built for GSD is to provide visitors with information on their various projects and grants. Meaning that the majority of the GSD website will be text and, with that in mind we need to think about the readability of the website itself. Long lines of text make it hard to easily read, whilst short lines of text give a disjointed feeling. This is why we went with a typical readability rule of no more than 75 characters per line. We also wanted to increase the readability of these text blocks, so opted for a white background that is somewhat representative of a books page, and allowing the contrast between text and background to remain high, whilst not limiting our use of color elsewhere.

To break up the large text blocks, we wanted to limit our use of white. It can be very bright and sometimes boring, so we used a light beige as the site's background to contrast the white text blocks. Making the site a little more unique and allowing us to make other elements of the website a bit more exciting. 

To do this, we used a mixture of large text placed in the background, as well as large, low-saturation colors. This helps break up the information heavy website and introduce some visuals into the users experience. 

Overall, we kept a soft color palette throughout the website to allow the text to stand out whilst not being to harsh on the readers eyes. Aiming for a calm, comfortable experience.


"The Kuvio team was pleasant and easy to work with. In building our marketing materials and strategies, they asked insightful questions that helped us think about where we wanted to be in the future, not just where we are now.

They were able to take our aspirations and plans and transform them into a beautiful, professional new logo and website." - Mary Beth Lombardo, Co-Founder and Director of Business Development

The Results

Giving Science Dimension uses their decades of experience in research methods, design, analysis, tools, and approaches to deliver customized solutions built on best practices to a diverse client base. We created a professional, user-friendly website that will help them to connect with new clients while also presenting their important research findings in an accessible way. 

Note: Giving Science Dimension is a recipient of the Kuvio Create Impact Grant and services were provided at no cost. Learn more about the program here:


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