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Small Business Resolutions for 2021

Lia Fialho

2020 has been one for the history books. This year was a continuous stream of surprises, challenges, and uncertainty. While the events of this year have had an impact on everyone, small businesses were some of those hit the hardest. While some may be relieved to see this year go, we want to remind you to take this time to reflect on all of the accomplishments your business has had this past year. Take notes of the areas in which you thrived and excelled, and translate this into positive action for 2021. While every business has its own unique goals and interests, we have compiled a list of some New Year’s Resolutions for small businesses going into 2021. 

1. Have a Strong Online Presence

With in person activities being limited by the events of this past year, many businesses have transitioned to remote work and online offerings. This digital presence is something that will remain even after the world returns to “normal”. As such, one resolution that you can make going into the new year is to have a strong online presence. This can be achieved a number of different ways. The first is to make sure you have a well organized and functional website. A website is going to be one of the first things your customers look for. Many people look online to find new goods and services so it is important that consumers will be able to find your business online. Having a well structured website also increases your perceived professionalism and accessibility. 

If you already have a website then you can focus on improving your presence on social platforms! Try utilizing the different features of each social media platform to extend your reach. Technology is always changing and improving, so it is important that you improve and change along with it. Keep up with trending topics and stay engaged with your followers. By taking the time to build and maintain this relationship with your followers, you are creating a community of individuals to grow with your business.

2. Start a Blog/ Podcast

If you haven’t already, this new year is the time to start a blog or podcast for your business. These blogs can be about new projects you are working on, small business news/advice, or anything else that is of interest to your company. A podcast is also a fun way of engaging with your customers while providing more personality to your business. Each episode doesn’t need to be long, and the topics can be of ones that are of interest to you. Once you have a blog or podcast established, you can then invite guests to join you or be a guest on other companies blogs/podcasts! This will grow your network and attract more individuals to your business. 

3.) Empathetic Leadership

According to some recent studies, one-third of employees wish that their organizations would lead with more empathy . To prevent employee burnout and to create a more positive work environment, think of ways in which you can lead with more empathy in the new year. Assess your position and role within your team, and take note of your privilege and power. Listen to the voices of every individual within your organization, regardless of their position. Remember that while this is a company, it is composed of individual human beings who have all had their own personal challenges and issues in the past year. Empathy comes from trying to put yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand things from their perspective. Be mindful of the year your employees have had, and really try to develop a plan to ensure they feel supported and listened to in the New Year. In making this a goal of yours, you will increase productivity and create a more sustainable work environment. 

4.) Keep up with Marketing Innovations and Trends 

Each year, we see different trends and innovations taking the marketing world by storm. Whether this be changes to technology, content, or customer preference, it is important to keep up with these changes. Adapt your marketing strategy to be aligned with current trends so that your company stays up to date and ahead of the competition. This will also improve the overall branding of your company, and create more sustainable relationships with your customers. You can learn more about current and future marketing trends here

5.) Be Kind to Yourself

Our final resolution is a simple one. Be kind to yourself. The previous year has been unpredictable and challenging. If your business has survived the year, then you should be very proud. Be kind to yourself in the new year, and remember that you are strong and resilient. Despite the obstacles that will come in 2021, have faith in yourself and in your abilities. Every business has its ups and downs but what is important is how you learn and grow from adversity. With that, the Kuvio team wishes everyone a Happy New Year!

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