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Building Your Online Brand

Lia Fialho

Amongst all of the changes that occurred in 2020, one of the biggest was the shift towards remote work and digital offerings. As the world we know becomes more digitally focused, it is important now, more than ever, to make sure that you have built a strong online presence. Regardless of the field you are in, you will benefit from building your online brand. If you are just starting out, or are unsure of how an online presence will benefit you in your line of work, we are here to help! We have compiled a list of ways to build up your online presence so that you can make an impact in today’s ever changing world. 

1.) Create a website 

Now when we say create a website, we don’t just mean that you should build a barely functional website so that you can say you have one. For many businesses, having a creative, functional, and organized website is crucial. We have all heard that first impressions are important. Well for businesses, your website is oftentimes the first interaction potential clients will have with your brand, and your organization. You want this website to be a representation of who you are. This site serves as your online identity, so you want to leave a good impression.

Your website should provide a clear idea of who you are. Include an “About” section as a way of introducing yourself and what you do. Develop a mission and vision statement with your team, and share this on the site as well! Introduce your team members and share examples of work you have done/projects you’ve worked on. All of these little pieces of information will combine to create an overall impression of who you are. 

2.) Start a Blog/Podcast 

We have mentioned this in previous posts, but we highly recommend starting a blog or podcast! This is an amazing way to create fun content that users can engage with. These blogs/ podcasts provide an insight into your character as a company, and allow you to connect with other small businesses like you! Each episode/installment can be different and can connect to whatever theme/topic/industry you are focused on at the moment. You can share fun facts, talk about your business structure, or provide useful business tips. However you go about it is completely up to you! Invite guests to talk with you about issues/practices that you are passionate about, and be a guest on other podcasts/blogs as well. Your blog/podcast is a reflection of your brand, so post things that are representative of who you are!

3.) Find Your Aesthetic

Every successful brand has an aesthetic that is unique to them. The internet offers endless options for customers and thus it’s necessary to develop an aesthetic that makes you stand out. For example, here at Kuvio we developed an aesthetic that demonstrates our creativity and innovation. This aesthetic should align with your values and what you do. Maintain this aesthetic across all content and platforms. This will create a visual for your brand and people will associate that aesthetic with your company. Most importantly, be creative! You want your content to be unique to you. Take time in developing your logo, tagline, color palette, imagery, deliverables, etc. so that they stand out and are what you want them to be.

4.) Social Media 

Our final tip is to create a strong social media presence! Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving. Pay attention to trends and which platforms are the most popular at the moment. Similar to your website, your social media accounts are an online representation of who you are. The way you are represented on socials should align with how you are represented on your website and blog. These socials are a way for customers to connect with you on a day to day basis. Post videos, Q&As, and polls to engage with your audience and attract more individuals to your brand! These platforms help you build your brand image while also giving your company personality. Maintain your aesthetic across accounts and have fun! 

If you are looking to increase your online presence but aren't sure how, Kuvio can help! Book a free consultation today and let us help you stand out in the crowd!  

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