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Introducing: Project Spark

Team Kuvio

Hello Kuvio family! As we move into October, our team is very excited to announce our first annual Project Spark!  Over the upcoming weeks, we will be embarking on seven new and fun projects as a team and will be sharing updates on our process, and progress, along the way. Each of these project ideas was submitted by a team member and was a top project in a team-wide vote. For the next two weeks, we have paused our regular work to develop these ideas, hackathon-style. 

Kuvio founder, Joseph Young, describes the motivation behind this new idea saying, “There is a magic spark within each of us -- a drive, a passion, a wish that yearns only for the space to set itself aflame. Every company -- every community -- has a duty to persistently endeavor to break free that magical burning ember within the hearts of its own team. Project Spark is Kuvio's path to do just that, and I can't wait to witness what comes of it.”

The seven projects we have undertaken are:

1.  UI Kit Creator

Web designers and developers know it can be time-consuming to bring design concepts into CSS.  With this tool designers will be able to set up a "UI Kit" with basic fonts, colors, typography rules, button styles, input styles, etc. -- everything in a basic UI kit -- and a dynamic base CSS will be automatically generated. 

2. Law of 100

Looking to reach a goal, develop a new skill, or gain some healthier habits? Law of 100 is here to help! If you consistently work towards a goal or repeat something 100 times, a habit will form. Law of 100 is a day tracking system that will help to keep you on the right path while motivating you to reach your goals. You will also be able to share your progress and timeline with your social network to keep yourself, and those around you, inspired.

 3. App for Elders 

Most of us know what it is like to worry about and care for our loved ones as they get older. This project hopes to alleviate some of this stress, by making caring for your elderly family and friends a little bit easier. App for Elders will send daily medication reminders, as well as contain activity and location features that provide alerts when an individual has fallen, become lost, or remained inactive for a period of time.

4. Affordable Transcriber

We want to increase accessibility to online content for all by creating an easy to use, affordable, and accurate transcription tool for audio and video. Eventually, we would also like this tool to be able to create subtitles and provide translations. The payment model for this app will offer a sliding scale to ensure it is available to everyone.

5. Beach List 

We all know the struggle of traveling somewhere new, and not knowing which beach in the area is the most aligned with your desired experience. Beach List, seeks to create a more relaxing beach experience by providing users with all the information necessary to choose their sandy destination. This app will provide beach ratings, reviews, population, history, rules, and cautions of the beach selected. With Beach List, you will also be able to find information about the tides, heat index, temperature, surfing conditions, and more!

6. Taste of X

With Taste of X, we look to place a spotlight on locally-owned restaurants by giving them a presence. While many local and family-owned restaurants have been hit hard in recent months, Taste of X will provide these businesses with a platform to showcase their delicious offerings. Using Taste of X, restaurants will be able to create profiles containing a menu, photo gallery, and location so that hungry locals can discover the hidden gems all around them! Once a menu is added, users will be able to search by menu item, type of cuisine, or location to satisfy their cravings and dining needs. An exciting aspect of this project is that it will be launching first in our developer's home country of Mexico, and will be our first release in Spanish before the English version.

7. Flix Sorter

Most people today have subscriptions to many different streaming services. While this provides more options for the viewer, sometimes it can be time-consuming to log onto each service and search for the exact show or movie that you are feeling at the moment. With Flix Sorter, we hope to make this search simpler. Flix Sorter will allow users to access and search through all of their streaming services at once, to find exactly what they are looking for. 

Stay tuned for progress updates, project demos, and more during the next several weeks! We are so excited to share the results of this experiment with you! 

In the meantime, if you have your own app or website idea, we can help bring it to life! Book a free consultation today.

All projects listed are in the early stages of creation. Names, concepts, and features are subject to change.

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