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9 Tips for Launching An App

Team Kuvio

Launching an app is both an exciting and daunting process. We have been through several app launches, both for clients and also for our own internal project, Conseris. There have been bumps and successes along the way and we wanted to share some of the lessons we have learned. So, today we put together nine tips for launching an app. 

Study your competitors

Look online and in the app stores for your competitors. Look at what they do well and what their shortcomings are. This can help you create a list of features and functionalities you want to include to provide a better experience than your competitors. Competitor research can also provide some ideas for your branding. Finally, ratings and reviews on related apps can provide helpful insights from your target audience. 

Define your ideal customer

Early on you want to have a clear idea of who your ideal customer is. This will help you every step of the way in identifying what features will add the most value to your customers as well as what branding and marketing choices are most likely to speak to them. 

Have a landing page and build an email list

Before you launch you can begin building an audience by creating a web page that explains the value of your app. This will help you to be discovered in online searches and can capitalize on SEO rankings. On this page, you can collect email addresses pre-launch and will already have an audience of beta testers who are excited to try your app when you launch.

Use video to boost engagement

Videos have higher engagement rates than still images and they are an effective way to show off your app’s functionality. A one minute video can help you explain the value of your app and allow you to show off the key features which will help you build your user base.

Offer beta testers a perk

If you are looking to attract a larger audience for your testing phase, consider offering an early adopter perk such as an extended free trial or free access to a premium feature. You can also create a referral program that rewards early adopters for inviting their friends as you continue to grow your audience. 

Consider app-store optimization

ASO is a factor in where your app is listed on app stores meaning it can make it easier for users to discover your app via organic search. You should look at the search terms your competitors rank for and also work to optimize your app name, description, keywords, and all of the visual assets. A/B testing different listings can help you find ones that will lead to the highest number of organic downloads.

Collect feedback

Make it easy for users to share their feedback with you! It is one of the most valuable tools you have to maximize the user experience in the app. Build a feedback form directly into the app. We also send feedback surveys to early adopters because they often have great insights to share. 

Create an online presence

Social media is a fantastic tool to help you start gaining traction for your app. You can begin pre-launch by teasing the release and utilize a countdown to create buzz. You can also use social media platforms to organically connect with your target audience, collect feedback, and provide special offers to encourage sign-ups. 

Just do it!

You may want to wait until things are perfect to launch your app. But, don’t fall into a pattern of analysis paralysis! There will always be a bug fix or new feature that will make your app better. At some point, you have to launch, be open to feedback, and start building your audience. Apps are constantly evolving so there is no date when it will be truly done. The time to launch is when it is complete enough to provide value to your customers.

We hope these tips will help you if you have an upcoming app launch. If you have a specific question, please contact us. We would love to offer advice! 

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