What Are You Doing to Change the World?

Georgia Dunstan-Brown

The thing is, no matter how small the step, anyone can produce change. Whether you have a platform to discuss your views or none at all, utilise what you do have.

In an age where practically anyone can voice their opinions on the internet, it has meant that messages of racism, of hope, of anger, of happiness or of fear, are broadcasted in a speed that the world hasn’t seen before.

Platforms like YouTube have seen users gain subscribers in rapid amounts. Many famous YouTubers say that when they first joined, they never expected it to be what it is today.

So what we’re getting at here is, in a time where things are constantly changing, how do you make the things you stand for consistent? How do you ensure that whatever message you are spreading, it’s always going to create some change in the world?

At Kuvio, we realised that our passions could only be broadcasted to the world by just starting. You’ve just got to start. Whether you have 30 Twitter followers or 100,000, someone somewhere is going to see what you have to say.

Another thing to realise is whatever message you’re spreading, does it stay consistent with who you are? If you’re a company spreading a message of hope to end world hunger, are you doing anything to contribute to the needs of the hungry people?

If you’re a company who supports mothers coming back into the workforce, do you help them to support their children?

As a business, be mindful of your footprint on the world, but at the same time realise what you have the potential to do and just do it.

For instance, at Kuvio we saw the injustices in the entrepreneur community where the minority groups couldn’t get ahead, so created a contest to give away a free website to help them out on their branding journey. A gesture like that could change a new business’s life and anyone has the ability to do that.

It doesn’t take much to change your habits or even change the message that you’re spreading. As a business, always ensure that whatever you are marketing or doing in the world, make sure that it is producing good and beneficial change. See the injustices and fight them.

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