8 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

8 Ways to Improve Your Company Culture

It’s not all about pool tables and beer on tap (especially if you are a remote company). In today’s startup fueled world it can be easy to think that employee perks are the answer to good company culture. While we love perks, (can you say “nap pods”) this alone is not what creates company culture. There are many other factors at play, and they aren't always things you can see. Today we share 10 tips to improve your company culture which will in turn make your employees happier and more productive.

1. Allow for flexible work schedules

With the digital technology available today, it is often easy for employees to work remotely. Giving this option can empower them and has even been shown to increase productivity. In addition, allowing workers flexible working hours and vacation time can help to improve work life balance which has become more difficult in today’s ever connected world. Allowing a parent to work from 7-3 so he can pick up his child from school or allowing someone to work four, ten hour days and take a three day weekend will boost employee morale- especially if they feel empowered to make sure their work is done.

2. Transparency

The divide between senior leadership and employees used to be much wider than today. Keeping your employees updated on company happenings and encouraging them to do the same, creates a culture of transparency that allows everyone to be more productive. Companies with physical locations are using open work spaces and glass offices to encourage this practice. For remote companies, public Slack channels can fill the same role.

3. Host hack-a-thons

Giving employees a chance to step away from their everyday tasks and throw themselves into a project they’re are passionate about is a great way to keep them engaged. In addition, your company’s next big idea could grow out of one of these events!

4. Company volunteering

Organizing opportunities for employees to volunteer together is a great way for your company to give back to your community. Plus, when employees have experiences together outside of the office, it makes them better able to collaborate while on the job. Lastly, community service is a great stress reliever!

5. Celebrate successes

Giving compliments and praise for outstanding work is an easy way to show your employees gratitude that will leave a lasting impact on their productivity. Genuine compliments are an intrinsic motivator that can be even more powerful than monetary rewards.

6. Encourage growth

Promoting within the company and offering training programs to employees looking to advance their careers is another way to keep employees motivated and at your company. In addition, watching others advance is great inspiration for other employees.

7. Don’t be afraid to pivot

Employees can sense when an idea is struggling to get off the ground and forging ahead can sometimes zap their motivations. If you notice something isn’t working at your company, don’t be afraid to pivot and try something new, this will keep everyone feeling productive and engaged.

8. Ask for suggestions

Your employees are the best resource for finding out how you can continue to improve company culture. Set up an anonymous way for employees to leave tips and watch the fantastic ideas roll in.

With these tips, you are sure to notice happier employees and watch your productivity soar! Have your own ideas for creating awesome company culture? Share them with us on twitter, @kuviocreative.