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The Challenge

Elite Palmetto is a unique real estate company that provides services to both home buyers and sellers. Customer satisfaction is a top priority for this organization, as they strive to provide a positive experience for buyers and sellers within the Charleston, South Carolina area. Elite Palmetto is rapidly evolving and wanted to rebrand themselves to portray its rapid establishment in the real estate market. With the new growth of the company, we worked to translate the company's mission into an identity that is reflected in their branding both on and offline. Elite Palmetto is dedicated to preparing and guiding its clients through challenging decisions. Just as they believe in their clients, we believe in them. With the rebrand and redesign, we wanted the sincerity of Elite Palmetto’s mission to shine through every detail so that potential clients can visually experience the company's commitment to service.

Elite Palmetto

Colors & Typography

The colors create a simple, but dynamic multicolor system that reflects Elite Palmetto’s devotion, luxury, and reliability. The use of serif and sans serif fonts offer sophistication, modernism and multiple expressive opportunities.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing collateral such as business cards, brand guidelines and stationery items reflect the sophisticated and minimalist colour palette and typography of the brand identity. This print collateral creates a cohesive brand identity to ensure consistency and exponentially increase their image, credibility, and ability to reach their target audience.


The main focus of Elite Palmetto’s landing page is to help potential visitors search for properties - whether they are commercial, residential, or even vacant land. This is why we dedicated the top section of the screen to Elite Palmetto’s ‘Hot Properties’ as well as a search bar with filters to cater to the needs of the user.

The search bar is followed by another featured property section which gives buyers the opportunity to view even more properties. Clicking on these properties redirects the user to its listing page.

A contact form is also placed directly on the homepage. Since users want to click as little as possible when trying to perform an action, putting this on the homepage rather than redirecting the user to the contact page, encourages users to get in touch with the company.

Lastly, we also incorporated a testimonial section that supports Elite Palmetto’s service. This is a powerful tool for the organization’s reputation and strengthens the credibility of the business.

Search Filter

The search filter is designed to bring an elevated experience to users. We achieved this by implementing listing pages that allow our users to search by traditional as well as advanced methods, including the ability to filter by number of bedrooms, price, year built and other specific options. This approach helps users easily find properties that meet their requests. At the same time, this introduces them to the brand which brings Elite Palmetto’s personality and point of view forward.

Search Results

The Results

Elite Palmetto provides exceptional service to buyers and sellers in the Charleston real estate community. We designed a website that makes it easy for sellers to maximize their profits and for buyers to identify the properties most relevant to them. By using simple and sophisticated branding, Elite Palmetto’s mission shines through to users.


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