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Team Kuvio

When you hear the phrase “customer service,” less than ideal past experiences probably come to mind. When working with a large company, customer service is typically very attentive during the sales process. However, once the project is underway, you may be routed to a call center. Your problems become support tickets that enter a long queue that will hopefully be addressed at some point in the next 5-10 business days. Not to mention, after your project is complete, emails often go unanswered altogether. 

At Kuvio, every member of our team has felt the frustration that this type of customer service can bring, so we have vowed to do better. We are a small agency, that offers the most attentive customer service experience in the industry. 

When we start the project, we will create a custom communication plan that works best for your team. This could include weekly email updates, progress meetings, and access to our client portal. We may also collaborate via a project management tool or add you to our team Slack. We want to communicate in whatever way makes it easiest for you to reach us and remain informed about our progress. 

We have a dedicated relationship manager and developer online for support during all business hours. We also have round-the-clock monitoring for bugs or other emergencies that may come up on the weekend or after hours. This allows us to provide exceptional support services without getting pulled away from our current projects, meaning that all of our clients get the best possible service.

When we see your request come in, it does not get placed in a queue for us to address at a later time. Our team members jump into fixing the problem and communicate with you about what the solution will look like and when it will be complete. 

If your project has been completed, we don’t disappear. We are still here to work through bug fixes and any other problems. We also offer smaller, support retainer packages that give you the option to add new features or make changes at any time. Past clients will get priority in our timeline for starting support contracts. We want our client relationships to continue for the long-term.

Kuvio could not exist without our clients. We have had so many new ideas and breakthroughs as a result of our collaborations. Therefore, it is essential for us to prioritize the customer service we provide.

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