Hitting the Creative Wall

Georgia Dunstan-Brown

Your brain feels like a bowl of nothing. It’s not giving you any substance and you are needing it to give you something creative. Nothing is working, the page is still blank, the Adobe project sits empty amongst all the work modules ready to go.

What happens when your job depends on you being creative, but your brain isn’t in the right space to let you be creative? It’s frustrating. Your brain is your asset in this case and without it, you can’t work to your full potential.

We all have mind blocks, “hitting the wall” scenarios, whatever you want to call it. But how do you deal with it? Of course if you work in an office space and you’re having one of those days, you have to make yourself look productive or your boss will think you’re not working at all.

Honestly, no method suits everybody. You’ll have to understand your own creative process to know what works for you when your brain isn’t. But don’t let a bad creative day ruin your day.

We’ve talked about the blank page before on this blog and how that can be daunting to people, but on this post we want to look at how your bad creativity days shouldn’t define you as an artist.

Creativity comes in many forms. It’s organic, it moves with you and sometimes without you. In the times it moves without you, it doesn’t mean that you’ve lost all of your natural skill, it doesn’t mean that you’re no longer a talented artist, it means that your inner creative being is fluid. It’s natural and it happens to everybody.

Don’t beat yourself up on these days. Take a breath, relax your mind and try get back into that sweet space of creativity.

Here are some of our suggestions for resetting your creative flow:

Take a break:

Don’t feel like you have to force the creativity. Sometimes, doing something else and taking your mind away from the project is the best way for creativity strike.

Remove yourself from your workspace:

By getting up and leaving your desk space, you allow yourself to relax and refresh. It’s important to walk away from your work and allow yourself to think about something else. So try walking around the office, grab yourself a coffee, or step outside for some fresh air. When you return to your desk, you’ll be able to get back into work reset and with fresh eyes.


Exercise is so important for maintaining brain activity! By moving your body and getting those endorphins, you instantly feel better, making it easier to get stuck into your work!

No matter what you do to get back into your creative flow, just remember to be kind to yourself.

Remember your bad days don’t define your creative skill and everyone hits the wall at some point. If we didn’t hit the wall, then how would we know when to start again?

What do you do on the days when nothing is working for you creatively? Let us know on our socials @kuviocreative.

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