#OneMoreState - The Equal Rights Amendment

Georgia Dunstan-Brown

At Kuvio, we always believe that no matter how small you may be, you can always make a difference. We like to think that our voice should be used for the greater good, which is why we want to stand for the right things.

Currently, there is a campaign for the #OneMoreState Equal Rights Amendment in America. Basically, if you’re not American, the Amendment is all about fighting for the equal rights for all genders in equal pay for equal work and ending gender discrimination. It’s been around for a couple of decades, but it’s now back in conversation due to a new group of activists.

Movements like “Me Too” and “Times Up” helped to revitalise the energy needed to talk about the ERA again. We’re in a pivotal time in history where we have the right support to make this amendment happen, and we’re so close. So far 37 states have voted for the amendment, but 38 states are needed to ratify an amendment to the US Constitution. One more state is needed to help end years of inequalities between genders.

You may be wondering, why is this campaign so important to us at Kuvio? It is because we strive to create an equal workplace. Currently on our team we have eight men and eight women, which we are extremely proud of. We want this equality to be normalised through all workplaces. To be honest, we shouldn’t need these kinds of conversations anyway, but it’s a reality of the world we live in.

Another important factor to our team is that fact that we’re from all over the world, but we can still have these kinds of conversations as inequality is everywhere. We all have room to improve and take a stand for the right things, no matter what countries we are from.

So, if you’re American, you’re in a place to make change happen. Rally support from your community and help us get over the line to get one more state to sign. If we do this, it will be marked down in history for all the good reasons. It’s important that all of the next generation sees themselves as an equal in society and are all able to have the same dreams, no matter what their place is in the world; male, female, black, white, disabled and LGBT. We’re all the same and deserve to feel like we have an equal place in the world.

For more information about the ERA, click here. Start helping the movement by using the hashtag #OneMoreState on social media. Let’s do this!

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