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The Kuvio Holiday Break

Team Kuvio

Recently, I was at a young professionals' board meeting and we all went around and shared our plans for the holidays. One member said, “Well I already had to use all my vacation time this year, so I’ll be working. I do have Christmas off though, so I can catch up on sleep.” This type of response is one we never want to hear from a Kuvio employee. The holidays are a time for family, friends, and fun and we want our employees to be able to experience it! While we already have an unlimited vacation policy in place, a few years ago we decided to close from Christmas through New Year’s Day to make sure our employees have a chance to enjoy the season. We are joining approximately 33% of U.S. companies who have made the same decision. Here are a few reasons we decided to do this:

No Guilt For Anyone

We hope that our unlimited vacation policy and company culture encourage our employees to take time off. But we also know that the prevalent workplace culture, especially in the United States, can still serve as a deterrent. In fact, in 2016 about one-third of U.S. employees did not take any vacation time. By having everyone take time off at the same time, nobody feels any guilt and it further reinforces our strong belief that employees should use vacation time.   


Research shows that employees are more productive when they return from vacation. So instead of making our employees work, inefficiently, while wishing they were on a holiday break, we encourage them to step back and do whatever will make them feel refreshed and ready to do amazing things in the new year. 

It Makes Sense

With so many other companies and several of our own employees looking to take the week between Christmas and the New Year off anyway, it is never going to be the most productive year of the week. This can slow down the remaining employees who are trying to work without the information they need from others, leading to frustration. Additionally, since many of our clients will also be away, there will be fewer inquiries to answer. As a result, it makes sense for everyone to step away and enjoy some time off. 

We Love Having a Happy Team

People should work to live and not live to work and we keep this idea at the center of our workplace policies. We want our employees to have time to pursue their passions outside of work and the holiday break is one of the ways we can do this. Not to mention, perks like this have allowed us to recruit and retain outstanding talent!

After testing it out over the past few years, we are convinced of the benefits of a company-wide holiday closure. How does your company handle the winter holiday? Let us know on Twitter, @KuvioCreative. Happy Holidays!

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