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In Support of Social Enterprise

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What is Social Enterprise?

In recent years you may have heard a new term buzzing around the business world and for good reason! Social enterprise refers to businesses that have specific social objectives that serve their primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to generate profits while maximizing benefits to society and the environment. In these types of organizations, profit is not the primary goal, instead, it is creating a societal benefit. However, these businesses still generate revenue which allows them to create change and also to be sustainable. The first social enterprises appeared in the United Kingdom in the 1970s, but in recent years have increased popularity across the globe. A few examples of social enterprises we love are:


This company provides services such as business analytics, test automation, data governance, and complex software development. All of their consultants are on the autism spectrum and have unique cognitive strengths. This is a fantastic model, autistic people get rewarding careers that utilize their strengths and talents. Clients benefit from receiving outstanding quality of work and there is a benefit to society through the acceptance of cognitive and neurological diversity.

Shea Radiance

Cofounders Funlayo & Shola Alabi were looking for a solution to their family‚Äôs dry skin problems when they discovered the healing power of shea butter. Today, every Shea Radiance product begins with pure, high-quality shea butter sourced from women-run cooperatives in West Africa. The cross-cultural supply chain of Shea Radiance provides economic opportunity to women across the world while also caring for the skin of their customers with the best possible product. 

The Company Shop Group

Company Shop Group is the largest commercial redistributor of surplus food and household products in the UK. They enable some of the biggest retailers, manufacturers, foodservice, and logistics providers to unlock value from surplus stock, which may have otherwise gone to waste. They purchase stock and redistribute it through Company Shop - a network of six membership-only stores - at discounted prices, to individuals who work in the food manufacturing supply chain, emergency services or the NHS. Stock donated by supply chain partners powers the Community Shop, where members can purchase deeply discounted products. The revenue raised in the Community Shop is used to deliver personal development programs.

Why we support social enterprise

At Kuvio, we support social enterprises because we believe in putting people over profit. This is the driving force behind our hiring and workplace practices as well as our grant program. We love lifting up other businesses that are working to make a difference in society. We see this as the way of the future, this is why we are starting a new initiative to offer discounted rates to companies with a social mission. It is just another way we hope to elevate companies that are improving our world. To learn more, please contact

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