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  • - User Interface Design
  • - Backend Development
  • - Frontend Development

The Challenge

We are demystifying the Blue Book by providing an app that automatically generates legal citations using a few simple inputs. Designed with the busy law student in mind, CiteBlue simplifies and modernizes the process of legal writing. Our technology scans an expansive database and provides users with accurate and up-to-date citations in seconds.



The interface of the app is simple and the colours are limited, featuring primarily blue and white. Green is also used as a contrasting colour to prompt user action. Blue is used to reflect the physical version of the app which is a ‘blue book’. Although legal citation is on the more serious side, we’ve put a twist to this by using refreshing colours and an easy to navigate design.

Madlib Style

To promote a natural user experience, we’ve designed the form with the users in mind so that they too become a part of the process. By filling in the blanks of a short paragraph or sentence with the required information, the process feels more natural and efficient for the user as opposed to the traditional stacked field form.


The overall layout is kept clean, modern and simple. Only the most important content is kept on screen, allowing the user to focus on the information they are inputting. The overall layout also reflects lightness by eliminating harsh borders through the use of shadows.

The Results

Citeblue was created to streamline the case work of legal professionals by eliminating the time spent on legal citations. The site organizes a wealth of information logically and the madlib-style form helps users quickly and logically create these citations. With this site, legal professionals can leave their hardcopy Blue Books behind forever.



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